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Truck Financing & Credit Options.Crossroads Truck Financing
Ford Truck Leasing & financing available at TransWest through Crossroads...
another V.V.G. division.

• Proper term structure to minimize DEPRECIATION costs
• Properly specified equipment
• Structure the proper payment plan to facilitate CASH FLOW!
   - Regular payments
   - Accelerated payments
   - Annual, semi-annual or quarterly payments
   - Season payments

Truck Finance Programs available
  - TRAC lease (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause)
  - Operating lease
  - Finance lease
  - Walk-away lease
  - Straight financing

Financing and leasing solutions for owner/operators, fleet customers, business owners, and municipalities.

Who is Crossroads?

Take advantage of the Crossroads lease and finance program. Why tie up your existing lines of credit at your banks or other financial institutions? Use these lines to finance other products or as reserves in the event you need to borrow for additional working capital. Crossroads only finances and leases truck and bus equipment. We are here to be a part of your one stop shopping with the Velocity Group of Dealerships. We understand your needs and can provide many options for your purchase.

Why Lease?

  • Why buy and own equipment when you only need to use the equipment to generate profits? Cash should be used to invest into your company and invest in appreciating items.
  • Leasing can provide minimal upfront costs and lower monthly payments than traditional financing.
  • Off balance sheet financing allows for an improved net worth
  • Generally equipment lease payments are considered operating expenses and may be 100% tax deductible for most businesses
  • Conserve cash and maximize cash flow! This is the goal of all successful businesses. Why invest cash into depreciating equipment that will be obsolete? Leasing is designed to conserve cash and to provide a replacement schedule for updated and more efficient equipment. You never know when you may need cash to cover expenses (engine repairs, medical expenses, taxes, license fees, insurance costs, etc); or to use cash to invest in your business (pre-pay expenses, additional equipment, equipment improvements, employee salaries or bonuses to the owner); or simply to build cash reserves to help with any economic downturns.
  • Buying a used vehicle? Leasing is not just for new vehicles, Crossroads has innovative programs designed specifically for the used truck or bus buyer in mind.
  • Credit challenged? Crossroads has leasing programs that may be able to help.
  • Due to the nature of leasing and the ability of Crossroads as the leasing company to take tax advantages, we are able to pass on these rewards to the lessee in the form of lower lease rates to provide payments cheaper than financing.
    Lease vs. Loan vs. Cash
    Lease Loan Cash

    • Frees up Capital
    • Hedge Against Inflation
    • 100% Financing
    • Simple Application
    • Potential Tax Advantages
    • Easy Add-ons and Trade-Ups
    • Preserves Credit Lines
    • Fixed Payments
    • Longer Terms
    • No Down Payments
    • No Additional Collateral
    • No Fees

    • Reduces Available Credit Lines
    • Extensive Documentation
    • Extensive Monthly Reporting
    • Often Requires
      Additional Collateral
    • Often Requires Down Payment
    • Not Flexible
    • Negative Impact on Balance Sheet
    • Bank Loans can be Cancelled by Lender at anytime

    • Disregards Time Value
      Of Money
    • Depletes Cash Reserves
    • Negative Impact on
      Balance Sheet
    • Reduces Cash Asset Position

    For more information on financing, please visit or speak to sales at any Velocity Vehicle Group location.

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